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Make your Dream. The pritiests women. Life time expirience.


Our Services

Personal Translator

Don't worry we cover your back. We provide you full time english translator just you 24/7...

Pickup at Airport

We personally pick you up at right moment you land in Brazil, at the airport, just waiting for your...

Schedule Dating

With your personal assistent, we can provide full assistence to schedule a girl that would like to hook, and negociate it for you, WE DO NOT gain from it...


We value your security and we offer reliability. You will have one or two bodyguard fulltime 24/7 that speaks english....

Who we are

We are a Brazilian tourism agency committed to the comfort and tranquility of our clients. We offer services in São Paulo...

How it works?

You will pay per day, the amoung may vary to meet your requests, starting from 300 usd day...

Let’s Make Your Brazilian Dream Come True!

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More Info

You need to know

FIRST OF ALL this we only recommend adult women, never ever otherwise. Those women do not work for us. We are an agency to make your visit SAFETY, PLEASURE AND FUN!

The intent of this service is to provide assist to all visitors a full time support to non portuguese speakers.

We will be available 24 hours a day to assist you in your stay in our country and promote all the communication necessary to fulfill your dream.

We do not send a person to another country.

The services includes: Pickup at the airport, checkin in the hotel, to be a room beside yours. Making calls, schedule escorts, be your body guard at party you want to go.

Mostly escorts can go to your room, or you go to hers place, in both cases, our body guard will verify the veracity and history of this, also be with you until the momemnt the escort arrives and you see the escort. We'll be waiting for you at the lobby of hotel.

We do not charge for escorts. So you can choose freely as many as you want. WE DO MAKE PROFIT from they.

Your safety is your bound. This is extreme exclusive bussiness. So our bussiness depends on safety of our costumers.

Escorts women may vary starting from US$ 100 and 90% below US$250

First step you need to reach us. Email us or Call Us, than we can schedule a video call, to you fullfil your safety.

Costs: Starting US$ 300 day for more than 5 days. Also our body guard will need be at the same hotel as you, so, a room for at leat 2, or 2 rooms.

NO UPFRONT PAYMENTS. No credit card required, no upfront payments.

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